Ancient Voices and Founders IPA

The craft of making coin rings does have it’s fair share of perils. In fact I have two mason jars that are slowly filling up with my mistakes. The Jars Of Shame are just a embarrassing part of the process. Also… there are a lot of pinchy parts that, if you’re not careful, will do what pinchy things do to you fingers and skin. A painful part of the process.

After destroying two rings I’d spent almost 2 hours on, I needed to redeem myself. I listened the the ancient ancestors of coin ring making as they whispered to me, “Go back to the beginning. Fetch yourself a cold IPA… and go back to the beginning”. So I listened and fetched a fresh Founders All Day IPA from our seasonal walk-in fridge (The garage). With it’s low 4.6 ABV it’s practically health food.

Lately my friends and family have started unloading a great deal of cool looking State and State Park quarters on me. It is the U.S. Quarters that are the gateway coin to coin ring crafting. These were the result. GET YOURS HERE!

1964 JFK Half Dollar

 It seems odd that I would get as excited about a coin ring as I do, though the 1964 JFK Half Dollar is somewhat legendary and very sought after. 1964 was the ONLY year that this coin was minted in 90% Silver. Even with just a 10% copper content, the rings are sealed in 2 coats of a jeweler’s sealant. 

From Wiki: Within hours of the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, Mint Director Eva Adams called Chief Engraver Gilroy Roberts, informing him that serious consideration was already being given to depicting Kennedy on one of the larger silver coins: either the silver dollar, half dollar, or quarter dollar. Adams called Roberts again on November 27 and authorized the project, stating that the late president’s widow, Jacqueline Kennedy preferred that he be depicted on the half dollar replacing the previous design of Benjamin Franklin. (MORE…)

So I’m excited to offer up this next coin ring to the first person who orders it through the web site at The Rings Of Change. This will allow you to pick your size and own this piece of wearable history as it is the ONLY one I have right now.
Like I said… they are not super easy to come by in good (ring-worthy) shape.



One Brazilian Dollars

A fellow who’s name rhymes with “Connor”, bestowed unto me a Brazilian coin that he’d found in Durham, NH. Apparently the place is riddled with coins from far off lands. Taking the coin, I looked at the smug face of the enshrined Efígie da República, on the front and thought I should punch that face out… to see if I could make a cool ring out of it (of course). I’d hoped it was a solid (single metal) coin with some silver or copper cladding to give it that two tone look.

As I took the coin down into the secret, underground TROC shop, I also contemplated the possibility of it being two distinctively different metals somehow married at the mint. Punching the face out went well and left some gold around the rim and some silver approximately the same with.
Then it was off the anneal and quench and start the folding process. This was an epic failure. My worst fears had been realized. In a split second I’d come face to faceless with the reality of the coin being made with two different metals, married at the mint… now divorced by a 1 ton Arbor press. The struggle is real. At least it did not cost me a Brazilian dollars. Not being one to take failure like a grown adult, I figure I can at least salvage the large outer ring and make a nice copper band that reads “Brasil”.

1899 Japanese 50 Sen Coin Ring

This beautiful baby has been on my bench for a few weeks. I felt a snowy day would be time well spent, and yield a stunning coin ring. This 80% Silver coin did not disappoint.  With both the Obverse and Reverse sides having such great design, it was tough to decide which would be the facing side of the ring.

Obviously I went with the Reverse side because the floral design was more universally understood than the Obverse side containing Japanese words or dates of which I haven’t a clue mean. 

Given their high silver content and the age, these coins are not easy to find in great shape. Since silver is fairly soft, the art would wear off by simply being carried around in the pockets and purses of millions of people over more than 100 years.

I have to give credit to the fact that I have hunted down some pretty good sources when it comes to purchasing rare coins. Here is the semi-finished product. It’s at a U.S. Size 9 now and can be up or down sized 2 sizes without too much loss of detail.


Aztec Calendar Coin Ring

In celebration of my new Jason’s Works Auto-Punch, I decided to take on a new challenge. A GINORMOUS coin. In this case… a full 39mm Aztec Calendar coin. The real thing is 12 feet and weighs 27 Billion tons… more or less. Try wearing that thing.
Because of the rather intense detail on this coin I had to do about 6 Swedish Raps to protect the detail. After a half mile of Teflon tape, this is the result.
While it has a mega level of cool-factor. You might think it would be north of $100. Actually I am putting these out at $50. The 90% Silver ones will go for $150. I put 2 coats of jeweler’s clear coat on them (24 hours/coat for curing).
I’m really excited about taking on the big coins though their band width is more than some like. Keep your eyes open for these in 90% Silver and some classic Morgan Dollar and Walking Liberty coin rings. If you like and want one, head to and put in a special order with you choice of coin and ring size.



Aztec Calendar Challenge Accepted

Okay…. so I did not need to be challenged. The mystery and lure of Aztec culture compelled me to acquire two of these beauties. They are huge at 39mm and will likely require a new and pricy punch (I’m talking $350 for the one that does it all).

These Aztec Calendar coins are designed after the original stone disc that is 12 feet in diameter. Imagine the punch for that beast. The much more portable coins are available in .999 Pure Copper AND .999 Pure Silver. While I love working on silver rings, the costs per unit can add up. The copper ones are just as attractive in their golden glow, but much more affordable at my end and (eventually) on the web site shop.

I hope to have some rings made from this in a month or two and the copper ones will be under $50!

The Sacrifice

We’ve all heard of “ suffering for your art”, or some other version of the idea. Well it was my turn to spill blood today. I’d come into possession of some cool Spanish coins from a secret source (wife). These were the thickest coin I’ve ever punched a hole in. Using the 6 ton, A-Frame press I started the punch. I swear I must have reached 5.9 tons of pressure by the time it went through. 

Sadly the release of pressure on the press had my left hand involuntarily going somewhere quickly. Not really sure where, but it had what I thought was a scrape, so I went back to work. While de-burring, I saw red splats on my bench. Strange. It didn’t hurt more than a scratch. Washing it out revealed a pretty deep gash. Not stitch-worthy… but flowing enough to require abandoning my Spanish coin project for more time than I wanted.

Keep you eyes open for these two Spanish Peseta’s sometime tomorrow.


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