Aztec Calendar Coin Ring

In celebration of my new Jason’s Works Auto-Punch, I decided to take on a new challenge. A GINORMOUS coin. In this case… a full 39mm Aztec Calendar coin. The real thing is 12 feet and weighs 27 Billion tons… more or less. Try wearing that thing.
Because of the rather intense detail on this coin I had to do about 6 Swedish Raps to protect the detail. After a half mile of Teflon tape, this is the result.
While it has a mega level of cool-factor. You might think it would be north of $100. Actually I am putting these out at $50. The 90% Silver ones will go for $150. I put 2 coats of jeweler’s clear coat on them (24 hours/coat for curing).
I’m really excited about taking on the big coins though their band width is more than some like. Keep your eyes open for these in 90% Silver and some classic Morgan Dollar and Walking Liberty coin rings. If you like and want one, head to and put in a special order with you choice of coin and ring size.



*All ring images are representative of the ring(s) you will receive. Example images will change as needed.