The Sacrifice

We’ve all heard of “ suffering for your art”, or some other version of the idea. Well it was my turn to spill blood today. I’d come into possession of some cool Spanish coins from a secret source (wife). These were the thickest coin I’ve ever punched a hole in. Using the 6 ton, A-Frame press I started the punch. I swear I must have reached 5.9 tons of pressure by the time it went through. 

Sadly the release of pressure on the press had my left hand involuntarily going somewhere quickly. Not really sure where, but it had what I thought was a scrape, so I went back to work. While de-burring, I saw red splats on my bench. Strange. It didn’t hurt more than a scratch. Washing it out revealed a pretty deep gash. Not stitch-worthy… but flowing enough to require abandoning my Spanish coin project for more time than I wanted.

Keep you eyes open for these two Spanish Peseta’s sometime tomorrow.


*All ring images are representative of the ring(s) you will receive. Example images will change as needed.