Why We Do It

Suicide Prevention.

From the very start I wanted The Rings of Change to be more than just a cool thing to wear on your finger. In fact, I’ve had some people simply donate without purchasing a ring.
While suicide is a tough and touchy subject, it also is something that impacts the lives of friends and family often for their entire lives as it has mine.

This is why The Rings of Change is committed to helping raise money for NAMI New Hampshire (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Though all suicides are tragic, teen and U.S. Veteran suicides are especially so because teenagers have not yet lived long enough to know that IT DOES GET BETTER. I’m proof of that. Veterans have served their country, often only to return to a country that feels like it has abandoned them both emotionally and professionally. The good news is… these and all suicides are preventable when someone has access to the right tools and counseling.

Below are a few helpful links to some of New Hampshire’s NAMI resources.


So this is why I/we do it. This is who we do it for. The current pandemic has stressed out an increasing amount of people, putting some at risk. The need for educating yourself to recognize the signs, or for getting help for yourself, is higher. 

Selling coin rings is just a small thing I do to help raise money and awareness. So, please take a look at what we have available at The Rings of Change and know your purchase does more than just look cool on your finger.

*All ring images are representative of the ring(s) you will receive. Example images will change as needed.