Ancient Voices and Founders IPA

The craft of making coin rings does have it’s fair share of perils. In fact I have two mason jars that are slowly filling up with my mistakes. The Jars Of Shame are just a embarrassing part of the process. Also… there are a lot of pinchy parts that, if you’re not careful, will do what pinchy things do to you fingers and skin. A painful part of the process.

After destroying two rings I’d spent almost 2 hours on, I needed to redeem myself. I listened the the ancient ancestors of coin ring making as they whispered to me, “Go back to the beginning. Fetch yourself a cold IPA… and go back to the beginning”. So I listened and fetched a fresh Founders All Day IPA from our seasonal walk-in fridge (The garage). With it’s low 4.6 ABV it’s practically health food.

Lately my friends and family have started unloading a great deal of cool looking State and State Park quarters on me. It is the U.S. Quarters that are the gateway coin to coin ring crafting. These were the result. GET YOURS HERE!

*All ring images are representative of the ring(s) you will receive. Example images will change as needed.