Pirate Coin Rings

ARRRRRR! I suppose everyone has an inner pirate lurking in their assorted career options they passed up. FEAR NOT!!!! Our Silver Shield Pirate Coin Rings are the perfect solution. You can wear some pretty sweet .999 pure silver without all that pillaging and historically inaccurate depictions of captains with prosthetics from resourced materials found on a cursed ship flying the Jolly Roger.

Given the size of the coin these rings lend themselves to larger fingers. I am keeping my eye out for similar designs for more slender digits. The detail and design of these coin rings is on par with the Aztec calendar rings. These things come to life with some antiquing. The process takes a bit longer but the results are stunning.

These coin rings are always available HERE!!!!



*All ring images are representative of the ring(s) you will receive. Example images will change as needed.