You Florin Me

The “land down under” has one of my favorite coins for making coin rings. For starters they are 92.5% Sterling Silver. Sterling can polish up to a mirror finish, but has just enough other metal to make it resilient to wear. This was done to enable coins to stay in circulation longer and resist the wear that comes from use and floating about in people’s pockets all the time.
NOTE… I always purchase “uncirculated” or “near uncirculated” coins for my rings.
Over the last months I’ve started to develop relationships with some coin people in Australia and New Zealand. They are on the lookout for what I’m looking for. That said… The Rings Of Change is now offering a limited supply of these GEM quality rings. I could easily sell them for $100/ea. Nope…. not even $75. I love working with these so much that I am making them available at $50.

This is not a sustainable price, but I’m hoping to get these fine rings out to get the conversation about suicide prevention out there and bring people to this cause through my website.  Order you own Sterling Silver Australian Florin HERE!

*All ring images are representative of the ring(s) you will receive. Example images will change as needed.