A Tale of Two Florins

While trotting about the globe in a virtual pursuit of cool high-silver coins I discovered that pre-1945 Australian Florins are 92.5% Sterling Silver. 

This is in contrast to the British Florins that were 92.5% Sterling Silver in coins dated 1845-1919. Big deal? Yes, actually. The high silver British Florin is older and therefore more difficult to find in a fine, uncirculated form. They are out there, just harder to fine in great condition. 

Enter the Australian Florin.  Pre-1945 makes them much easier to find in fine shape. Below is a 1944 Australian Florin that came in yesterday. I was so excited that I folded it into my own personal ring within a few hours of it arriving. 

High 92.5% Sterling Silver is about as high as any circulated coming gets. FYI…. the 1914 British Florin in available. Just send along your ring size. I am hoping to find more Australian Florins soon. My secret agent Thomas lives in Melbourne and is on the hunt for me.

British Florin

British Florin

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