Hello Lost Pill Bottle of Silver Coins

As you can well imagine, my life is spent spanning the globe on a private jet, looking for rare and finely designed coins to use in my rings. To those who see me this way, thank you for your vivid imaginations.
While looking for (fill in the blank), I happened upon a pill bottle thingy that I keep many of my coins in. It was labeled “High Silver Quarters”. While it DID contain an un-circulated, 90% silver proof of the America The Beautiful National Park quarters (White Mountains… BTW), it also had a strange British Two Shilling coin from 1944. The “Googler” tells me it’s 50% Silver. This means it will shine up nice but might present issues with the 1 out of 10 people with nickle/copper allergies.
Further investigating had me wondering if the two shilling ever came in higher silver content. BOOM. Yes it did. 1910-1945 Australian two shillings where nice 92.5% Sterling Silver. This is the same of the 1914 British Florin that I wear myself, but have also enjoyed making for many of my UK friends.
So…. now I’m contemplating making some of these Australian two shillings (pre-1945 in 92.5% Sterling) for anyone interested.
Here is what they look like before I punch a 1/2-3/8″ hole in the middle.


  So, chime in. Who wants one? The only thing that would be lost is the shield in the middle of the reverse side. 

*All ring images are representative of the ring(s) you will receive. Example images will change as needed.